Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mountain Crossing, 10x12

It was a group effort.....
.....all of us in my class painting from the same photo.  If I had been sharper I would have taken some photos to show a room of ten paintings of orange trees, all slightly different but all successful.

This one is mine.  The misty clouds weren't actually there but it seemed to need a couple of subtle horizontals to add dimension and balance.  There are a few other inventions and deletions around the piece.  It's often good....often much depart the text.

Friday is the opening of the PAWA show (plein air painters of Washington) at the American Art Company in Tacoma.  It's on Broadway just off 11th.

I was down there last Saturday and the artwork is amazing.  It would be well worth the trip just to see the high quality paintings.  Jeremy Lipking will be there as judge.


  1. I like how your orange trees light up from within! Very nice use of colors there.

  2. This is a great painting with lots of punch and juicy color! Well done Darrell!

    See you in Tacoma on Friday! =]


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