Wednesday, January 21, 2015

'Deanna's Sunflowers' and 'Pine Street'

Gouache is not one of your Grandmother's hot dishes....

   It's actually a great art medium, blending the best of watercolor and oil painting.....AND I'm teaching a workshop on it this Saturday.  The materials are already purchased so you only have to bring your live body and have fun.  Here is a link to the Winslow Art Center to find out more and sign up.  The materials fee will be about $25.

I find gouache one of the more liberating artistic mediums.  It is really just watercolor with calcium carbonate added to make it opaque when you paint thick....but when you paint thin it can create all that watercolor transparency and movement.   For me it encourages experimentation and rapid execution of pieces.  Make all the mistakes you want and just keep going.

Here is a simpler way to use it through using toned paper, a marker pen, some toned markers and a bit of white gouache.  Magic.  Did it today walking back to the ferry from getting some art supplies in Seattle.

It looks far more complicated than it really was to do.  Those touches of gouache make everything sparkle.  Come join us and have some fun learning a new and simpler way to create!

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