Thursday, February 5, 2015

Foggy Friday, 11x14

'Foggy Friday' is a continuation.....
......of the previous post, 'Estuary'.

This is the morning painting when the fog was just barely beginning to lift.  Rob Weiss was close to a finish about the time I began so his painting got the full Friday fog feeling.  (Alliteration....couldn't help doing it....)

Rob's painting, a similar view, is on his Facebook page HERE.  Scroll down and find the painting (he also just posted it on his blog HERE)....and notice the great painting he did for Black History Month while there.  Outstanding.

In this one the light in the sky was beginning to show more color as things progressed, doing a little color mirroring of the driftwood. That wood actually took most of my time.  So many little color shapes to balance.....

By the way, here is a shot of what happens when you put three thickly painted wet portraits (two of which I liked) in the back of your van next to a rolled up sleeping bag.  That bag had sat back there for months without moving a bit....until that day.  Every time I took a corner it removed a little more paint.

And I didn't even get a monoprint out of it.

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  1. Really enjoyed painting with you that day Darrell! Love the light poles drawing the viewer into the scene and the color temperature changes that create depth!

    Well, I better tie down my bag!! The same thing could easily happen to me!! Now you have a nice , "salty" plein air painters go along with your hat! =]


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