Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bloedel Lake, 11x28

My Big Idea....

PAWA, Plein Air Painters of Washington, had a paint out at what I call the Downton Abbey of Bainbridge Island, which is the Bloedel Reserve.  Once a summer residence, it was set aside as a foundation run park and preserved area.  Quite a place.

While driving there I had the thought that it was just too much for a regular sized canvas and wished I had something different.  The thought persisted until I realized I had several 11x14 linen boards with me and I didn't see any reason not to stick a couple of them together and make a diptych.

I wanted to do two paintings that compositionally could stand on their own but be framed up as a whole if it worked out....this is called 'covering your bets', a professional painters term.

As almost always I'd change things a bit if I did it again because having done it I have new ideas.  That said, I like the result and, yes, the water was actually brown, green, red, purple and blue.    I used my standard split complement palette but added Transparent Earth Red as an experiment....which I think worked.  (Thanks, Terry Miura.)

MARKER WORKSHOP Level II is scheduled for next Wednesday, May 20th.  This is a new workshop designed for anyone who has completed my Marker I class or feels comfortable with the materials.  We will be going out and about to sketch using a combination of regular marker drawing plus adding in some white gouache for emphasis when we use toned paper.  We will explore different ways to add compositional emphasis, mark making, simplification and how to just have some fun with the medium.  I'll also be introducing 'scribble drawing'.  Cool.  Find out more at the Winslow Art Center (HERE).

No, not the great Northwest...but it gives you the idea of what can be done with marker drawing .

Thanks for your interest.

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