Friday, May 15, 2015

Marker Sketches

Marker Workshop Level II.... next Wednesday, May 20th, so I thought I would post some drawings from two days ago to get the juices flowing....yours and mine.

In this one day event we will expand from the beginning workshop to doing more sketching on location and add in some white gouache, markers or pen to increase the sense of  dimension in the work.

I'll show you how to 'scribble' draw and how to use a visual 'ruler' to help your drawings come together faster and easier.  Even better, we will all learn something about how to live with our mistakes...or use them to be more creative in the finished work and look.

In this piece I'll bet you didn't even notice that I neglected to put legs or pedestal under the chair she is sitting on.  She is magically holding up herself and the chairs on that one bent leg....but who cares?

In this one I framed out the stuff above (this was a full page drawing) to add more emphasis on the  person at the table.

Find out how to sign up for this workshop....or other checking in with the Winslow Art Center HERE.  Hope you can make it next week.  But if you can't keep it in mind for another time.

Keep on Drawing!!

Thanks for checking in.

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