Saturday, July 18, 2015

Island Congregational, 16x18

After Several Years.....
....of trying to get an acceptable drawing or painting of this church I think I'm able to live with this one.  The problem for me has always been composition.

There are great views of this island landmark from the middle of almost every street that surrounds it but if you move to where you won't get run over or block pedestrian walkways it's more difficult.  For this one I ended up sitting canted in the handicapped parking space with the sharp edge of the sign gouging into my back.  More nuisance than pain....and a hole in my shirt.

My favorite part is the large tree that I wasn't sure wouldn't totally dominate the scene.  It seems to work OK.

This was my standard palette of a warm and cool of each primary.  I've taken to premixing and tubing a lighter version of Pthalo Blue for ease of use and have been experimenting with Transparent Earth Orange to gently warm things up when needed.

Speaking of palettes, A.B. Deneweth has a page on her website (HERE)  that lists the colors found on the palettes of many well known painters both current and long ago.  It's an interesting thing to look at and then sit mystified about how they can/could come up with such beautiful paintings using the same stuff we all do, but in variations.  Worth your time.

Here is a quick study out of my sketchbook.  I like the way the paper accepts the paint and, since it's my sketchbook and not meant to be archival, there is a feeling of freedom and experimentation when painting.  Cheap toned paper on sketchbooks I make for marker drawing.  I'm continually amazed how a few marks on a flat surface can convey so much.....and there's that Transparent Earth Orange!

Pickup Soccer, oil on paper

 Thanks for reading.....


  1. I hope this doesn't post twice...are you saying that you used the cheap toned paper (cardstock, right) for your oil sketches?! That's a cool tip...I've used oils on gessoed watercolor paper but thought the gesso was mandatory.....still trying to learn these oil painting tricks...

    1. Thats right, Carol. Right on the cheap paper from Michaels or WalMart. You can also use clear gesso if you want. I think Liquetex makes it but I like doing it right on the paper because the absorbancy makes subsequent layers go on easier. on Island Congregational, 16x18

  2. Darrell, is there a link to show how you make your own sketchbook?

    1. Patrick... No, I don't have a post that covers that but because of your request there likely will be in a week or so. Basically, go to Walmart or Michaels and find their toned or white card stock. My sketchbooks use Walmart white card stock and toned stock from either W or M. Put together the number of pages you want....50 is a good number as it provides drawing support yet isn't too bulky to carry around. Head on over to Office Max or Staples or whatever office store you have in the neighborhood and have them bind it for you. Binding is under $5 so, with the cost of the paper, you'll get a sketchbook for well under $10. Hope that helps.


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