Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fort Casey Deere, 11x14

Waiting for other people.....
.....there was time on my hands until they arrived.  Glancing around I saw her standing alone waiting to be asked to dance, this well loved tractor resting glamorously in the setting sun.  'Perhaps', says I, 'just a few color strokes to see what might happen could be good.'  I think she had a crush on me.

My friends took their time getting there so I just kept putting down strokes until they showed up and ended with this...but adjusted it slightly the next morning.  I had a good time playing with how the light flowed over that bank, not unlike water over a falls.

With the two from the last post, that ended day one on Whidbey Island.  After not enough sleep parked behind a garage it was the second day and it began with this one looking down toward the ferry landing.

Morning Light, 11x14
Keep Drawing.  Keep Painting.  ....or keep doing whatever you do....

Thanks for looking.

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