Thursday, March 3, 2016

Evening in Umbria Study, 8x10

In only a week....
..... since being announced, the Italy trip to Umbria is close to filled with signups.  If you are even thinking about it,  at least email or call with some indication of intent.  Of course those who have made a deposit will get first dibs.  It will be a fun trip staying at a villa in the country, visits to Orvieto and a castle, plus lots of painting and/or drawing time.  Should be relaxed fun.

I've done several studies lately that are going larger and with slightly different color interpretations, all of the Italian countryside (with a couple from France).  They range from 14x18 ( this one is already sketched in as that) to 30x30.  I'll post them as they get finished.

There is a looseness and tiling of brush strokes in the smaller pieces that I want to keep while also playing with new color ideas.  This one I have in mind for a green/red complementary color arrangement, straying into yellow orange for the bits of glory.  Having five of them going all at once is influencing my eye, keeping it fresh as I bounce from to the other.

Amy D'Apice, who lives in Thailand during the winters, has an interesting blog called ArtConspiracy you might want to check out.  Amy is a talented painter and sketcher with a delightful writing style.  Her word play is as enticing as her art.  You can find her HERE.

I have some upcoming workshops which I will announce later in the week.  You can find out about them and the Italy workshop at the Winslow Art Center  HERE.  The Center has a wide variety of workshops, trips and classes for any artist, beginner or advanced.


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  1. Thank you for all that you share in your posts - Love your artwork, drawings and helpful tips. I followed the link to Amy's blog and subscribed. The art world out there is too big to discover all on one's own, and therefore bloggers like yourself who share these links are doing a valuable service!


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