Saturday, June 4, 2011

Convent Gate, 12x16

Two years ago on a hot Tucson day, my friend Mic and I stood in the shade and did some studies of this beautiful scene.  Getting home I used the material to do this larger piece.  The other day I ran across it along with the studies and with about twenty minutes work it coalesced into this....which I like.  The field studies emphasized the old cathedral tower but this version, which lets the gate and wall take over, seems to work best.

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  1. Love the colors in this one....and the sky.

  2. Interesting how it is very warm considering all the blue. I actually like the top half of the painting better. The lower half looks a bit fairy tale castle like, and doesn't quite match. Somehow to my eyes it is hard to reconcile the greenish blue of the tower with the purplish blue of the wall. Nice how the flow of the clouds match the flow of light through the gate.

  3. Testing .... testing.

    My comments aren't coming through, so

    This is a test.

  4. I recognize this, and again, descriptive and beautiful light and color!


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