Sunday, March 4, 2012

Coming Rain, 16x20

When beginning a painting I like to set new goals for myself to expand both my skills and conceptualizations.  Here it was to put paint on richer and thicker, taking advantage of the sculptural qualities of oil paint.  When finished I decided I need a scoop shovel next time to really lay it on.  The color seems more jewel-like with thicker paint.

I had a couple requests for another picture of you go, but she needs a brushing. 


  1. Would love to see this in person! The color is warm and inviting! great composition! Just a great feel-good painting!

    My check is in the mail TODAY Darrell!...for the Bitterroot workshop....Can't wait! hope I'm not to late.....

  2. I like the title "Coming Rain" for this painting, because the brush strokes have a great swirl to them - down the road, up the trees and back down the clouds and mountain - just like the feel to an approaching storm.
    Like the dog too, her fur already looks like it is made of brush strokes.

  3. love the way the blue-greens balance out the yellow/golds and make them pop. The grays in the path are wonderful too!! I do believe Noelle is posing for a portrait :)


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