Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nick, 16x20

Popcorn, wine, some salmon and cheese, and a portrait demo was all it took to kick off the weekend of painting the human head.  Here are two photos of the beginning block-in and the midpoint just before the detail doodads were added.  Demos are intense, especially those that require a faithful likeness....fortunately this one turned out.

Initial Massing of Large Shapes.
Just before adding detail.

The Portrait Gang

And here they all are, looking tired, relieved and anxious to go home.....(hmmm, actually they look rather happy.  I must not have worked them hard enough.  I'm the only one that looks exhausted.)  Judging by a comparison between their first portrait on Saturday and the last one on Sunday afternoon, they learned a lot.  An amazingly dedicated group.

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